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Instructions listed here will help you to create and edit OrangeHRM Wiki pages easily.


Creating a Page

  • Log in.
  • Call following URL in the browser replacing Article+Name with the name of the article you are going to create (+ signs are used to separate words). It will bring you to the editing page of the article. There you can add, preview and save content.

Editing a Page

You can edit a page in two ways.

  • Log in and click on edit tab in the article you want to edit.
  • Call the editing URL in the browser as shown in Creating a Page.

Formatting Guidelines

General formatting guidelines can be found in following page.

Using Categories

Organizing wiki pages based on categories facilitates searching and accessing pages. Use following tag at the end of your page to add it to a category. Replace Category name with your intended name.

If the mentioned category is not available, you can click on the name of it and add content for it. At default, category pages list child pages alphabetically.

[[Category:Category name]]

All available categories are listed in following URL.

Inserting Images

  • Upload the image file.
  • Insert following tag where you want to insert the image replacing Image-name.gif with the name of your image.

Syntax Highlighting

You can highlight a code segment in your page by wrapping the code as below.

<pre class="brush:[code-alias]">
// Code goes here.

code-alias is any qualified brush listed in Alex Gorbatchev's SyntaxHighlighter. Some of the common brushes used in OrangeHRM Wiki would be php, js, xml and css. You can see some examples in Using_jQuery_UI_Dialog.

Extension used for syntax highlighting is based on SyntaxHighlighterAndCodeColorizer. This extension is not available to download.

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